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Jan 26 2012 Anchor

hi everyone. I wanna make a new mod for mount and blade. Ive never modded before and i just want to know if there are any good modding tools for modding the troops (ie rhodok sharpshooter, steppe bandit, looter) and make them look different. Ive tried finding them, but I couldnt. Anyway, if anyone is a fan of halo/CoD and wants to volunteer, feel free. I didnt make a page for the mod cause i dont really think it'll survive.

xPearse Developing H.O.T.D. Mod for M&B
Jan 31 2012 Anchor

Check out the taleworlds forum. I have done some tutorials for mount and blade plus there are many others and its not that hard to learn how to mod it. Head into the mod development section and look around the place.

Aug 25 2012 Anchor
I would like to put forward an idea for my new MBW mode ....
Here's how she meant to include the whole world, Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America
(I think that Australia and Antarctica are not required) and all of their civilization along with their troops and the original towns and villages... The mod would be turned on a sea journey, the pirates, who would have the same role as the bandits on land,
also oversea trade, enter into alliances, vassalage whole state,
as trade agreements, which could only be signed by the ruler, and much more ...
The story mode would be located about 1100 or 1200 AD, it would actually be some kind of upgrade Europe 1200 only with many more solutions in the game .... I think this also was good, and Multiplayer game that attracted players from around the world.
I know my English a little bad, but what there is, as they say in my country ...
Please refer me to the right place because I really liked this idea and I believe that invocations be appealed to many players of MB ...
Thank you in advance for the help that you give me ...
or call me on
xPearse Developing H.O.T.D. Mod for M&B
Aug 25 2012 Anchor

I just saw this on taleworlds forum and this thread was from january so you probably should have posted a new thread, it's not good to just post ideas and expect people to make it for you.

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