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Feb 7 2013 Anchor

Hello, i have seen quite a few mods for M&B but none of them ae quite what im looking for. I'm hoping to find some help creating a HUGE overhaul of the oragnal M&B game with better grapics all around (not just textures and apprnces but the way people fall when killed and the way blood shows up) i have no exprance in game devlopment or coding but am working on going to school for it after i finish my BCT for the us army (in 5 monthes) I will expand on my plans and details if anyone is willing to help or is intrested in hearing what my plans are =) if you are willing to help please e-mail me at thank you.

Feb 7 2013 Anchor

People tend to not like these post on moddb. It just seems to look like you want people to make a game/mod for you. Try and get some development done or planned out before you ask for help.


Someone wrote: Her?

Feb 8 2013 Anchor

im sorry im not actully looking for someone to do it for me but just help me get it started i dont know any code atm but plan to learn and i have ALOT of ideas for this mod so im very exited and trying to start it now ill mess around and see if i can get something started to show some progress =)

also idk what you mean by planned if its the idea of the mod or whats in it im already working on a list of what i plan to put in the mod

i didnt want to post it so people wont steal it

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