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Oct 13 2017 Anchor

ls work experience at free-to-play / freemium mobile game studios considered "industry experience"? i.e. is it transferrable to game studios like indies and AAAs

Also wondering if the genre/quality of the product matters (in terms of how "valuable" the experience is). For example, 1 mobile studio that's looking at me produces what is essentially interactive stories that cater to the Twilight / 50 Shades of Grey Audience. Another mobile studio looking at me produces a variety of F2P games

l should note that my dream job is Game Writer, as in writing the story.

Nov 19 2018 Anchor

I would say Yes it counts as Industry Experience, as long as you worked in some studio or the other it all counts,

even a volunteering job with no pay would count as 'Industry Experience'

for the second part of the question, it would depend on the studio. A good studio that is willing to take a chance would call you in for an interview and find out if you can handle variation in gameplay type. can't say the same for larger studios that scan through thousands on demoreels unless something special catches their eyes.

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