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Jan 29 2021 Anchor

Download: ModDB - Website

idgames coming soon...

The UAC, after the demonic invasion, has had various of his remaining marines mentally scarred by the invasion, in such a way that UAC employees have to recover the marines' sanity in case another invasion happens. You are one of the mentally tortured marines, who are subject to the Mindprison Project, project code 4989, which sets you into a mind reality where you have to fight your own demons and the trauma caused by the demonic invasion, aside of getting rid of the demonic influence that has invaded your mind.

MINDPRISON PROJECT is a megawad project designed singlehandedly by JMAA in the likenesses of Plutonia and other extremely difficult DOOM 2 megawads and expansions. This is a demo version to see if people will probably enjoy it and probably get past it. Future full on 32-map megawad is coming next for free, there's also plans for an MP3 and MIDI soundtrack as well. Stay tuned!





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