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Jul 9 2014 Anchor

My team of 3 including myself have been working on a game for a month now and have produced a good amount of work in Unreal Engine 4. I'm the Environment artist and we have managed to get some environments going and testing levels. we have also managed to use the default character and set up gameplay mechanics such as running, shooting, and so on but none of us model characters or animate. This is a SciFi top down shooter game that we are trying to finish within a year. If you are a character modeler/animator and are looking for a fun project keep reading! This is a non paid job at the moment but the way we are hoping this will go is that if we get the game out for sale you will get paid. If we do not then you do not just like us. we are very dedicated to this though and work day and night as much as possible. If you are interested I may have some questions for you and we will more than likely have to chat a little to make sure you will work out with the group. We are still in the very early stages and are just testing out finding another team member to help,

You can check out some of my work on my site and find my email in the about me section as well.
we may or may not bring you in, we are still deciding how we will take our next step into producing a very fun game.

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