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Sep 29 2012 Anchor


I'm sure some of you here on Moddb know the game "Metal Arms: Glitch In The System" and love it, and to you who have never heard of it before, here's a little music video made by a fan: Youtube.comI have loved Metal arms for as long as I can remember, and I am willing to make some kind of HD remake of this great game. (Like Black Mesa), since Ape studios were sold to Activision and Blizzard.But I can not make this remake alone. I need a team with talents like voiceacting, mapping, music, etc. I have not really made ​​up my mind on what engine it should run on, but I have thought about using UDK, but still, i don't know. So what do you say? Will help restore a legend? Because I clearly can not do it yourself.

Oh, and sorry for my bad english :P

Apr 23 2013 Anchor

You have my support. you got one voice actor here ready. ive done voice acting before for a youtube show so i can do it again. we can talk more about it just email or pm me. i play this game all the time im even playing it right now

Apr 23 2013 Anchor

Geez that game was the shit ! Best game on xbox.
I am 100% in, I am a graduate music and sound designer and I have professional hardware and software. I have experience in game sfx and music and I would love to be part of this project. If you are indeed in need of someone to make music and sound effects, you can check out my bandcamp @ and send me a private message ;D

looking forward to this !

Apr 24 2013 Anchor

Hey guys thanks for the support, I really appreciate it! It's still not certain if this remake will actually become a thing, due to school and all that. But I'll be sure to notify you if I decide to start the project.

Thanks again

- DaNiel :)

Jun 17 2013 Anchor

I like what I seen on that video. Looks fun.

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