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Sep 11 2012 Anchor

Our world is almost destroyed from pollution and murderous mechanical men and appliances. It is our own doing, you see we built the Mechs to make our lives easier, we thought that mechanical men and appliances would make our lives easier, but we we wrong, very wrong! We Built the mechanical men and appliances smarter and smarter, eventually giving them artificial intelligence, It got to the point that they got smart enough to know that they did not have to follow our commands. The Mechs filled our world with pollution causing lung diseases, many did not survive the sickness and perished, the plants all died causing all the animals to starve to death. Eventually the Mechs became aggressive and rebelled against their human owners, the humans were forced to retreat there were too many Mechs and not enough men the few survivors retreated to a tall mountain in the corner of the lands of Enthall and found an oasis, they started to build a city where there numbers could grow, where there was fresh water and many types of fruits and animals they could hunt for food, they named this city Mendiethal. Mendiethal was peaceful for some time but eventually the greedy machines started showing up more and more on the mountain.
If anyone wants me to write more let me know.

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Sep 18 2012 Anchor

Sounds like Matrix with pollution.

Focus really hard on the pollution fact instead of the robots being disobediant. Maybe they are disobediant but not aggresive and they want to live and living for them means pollution, focus too on how the mechs work, differentiate yourself with what already exists. Make the mechs be fueled by vapor or something instead of fossil fuel or humans :D

Hope this helped!

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