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Aug 21 2017 Anchor

Hello writers,

I'm Vincent Chu. Nice to meet you all. Before you get too excited, I would like to stress that I'm not a professional programmer or game maker. I'm just a hobbyist whom dreams of making a great game with an amazing story. My own story is still some way from completion. For the time being, I would like to use RPG Maker MV (I might experiment with Wolf RPG Editor some more when they release a fully translated English version in the future) to make a retro style turn-based RPG that has a wonderful completed story and hone my skills at making games.

If you have a great, fully completed story (preferably with a medieval fantasy theme) that you want to be made into a game, I might be willing to help you for a price that you feel you would be comfortable with paying. You can pay me by transferring money directly into my account without using the internet. The payments can be set up in the local branch of your bank. That way, you won't have to worry about leaking your bank details online. I can email you the working progress of your game in a folder while you pay small installments throughout the course of the game being made. You can stop the payments if you decide at some point that you no longer want me to continue making your game for you. If you do decide to do that, please let me know by email first to save me spending more time on it.

If you are interested, you can email me via

I am based in England. You can email me a general description of what you want me to make for you and the amount of money in pound Sterling (£) in total that you would be comfortable with paying me for my efforts. I will take into account the appeal of your story and the time I feel I might need to make the game as well as just the amount of money offered. I will not reply immediately as I will need time to consider the offers carefully before I decide to agree to anything.

Another point I should mention is that you will need to have RPG Maker MV installed on your computer in order to modify the game folder I email to you and to play or test out your game. RPG Maker MV also costs money to buy as well so you should probably take that into consideration before bidding for my services. The company does however, offer a free trial period though.

I would like to remind you again that I am only a beginner and I have many limitations that I will be trying to overcome. I will try my best to make it as great as possible but chances are that the finished product will not be the next Final Fantasy or Chronotrigger or anything close to that level regardless of how great your story might be. I would probably not recommend releasing it either, at least not without further polishing. Critics can be merciless and some of them might even be right.

If you wish for great success, you'd probably be better off hiring a team of professionals. If that sounds too expensive (I have no idea how much they may charge), I would recommend learning how to make the game yourself. Only consider hiring me if both these alternatives seem undesirable.

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