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Apr 26 2013 Anchor

Hello World! My Name Is Cole and I have had an idea for a source mod for a while now and want see it come alive! Me and my friend have thought up this idea and both are experienced programmers/mappers and would like to lead a team of AWESOME developers to see this game come to action! also, this is voluntary but we will get recognized greatly for our work(trust me) And if somehow, (maybe through advertising) we get any revenue from this, everyone will get a full split.

What The Game Is About:

So far we have an idea that you are a scientist who is with a group of scientist and they research the Bermuda triangle. They want to know exactly what happens to people when they go to it so they go there themselves. well, their plane crashes and the end up on a island with a modern and futuristic theme like a major city. they crashed on a lost civilization that no one on earth knows is there. The humans (and "aliens") there treat you and the group like aliens to them. and you have to escape their government and stuff and try to leave And don't worry, we are keeping the goals small at a time and realistic. This Is Achievable! That's pretty much just the base of what we have. When we do good on this project, we will get the recognition we deserve!
Who Were Looking For:
We are just starting so we are looking for the following:

  • 2-3 c++ programmers that are Pretty comfortable programming for source engine And comfortable with Source SDK in general.
  • 1-2 Modelers/Textures
  • 1-2 Source Mappers
  • Anyone who wants to make the story better!
  • Concept Artists!

For programmers, please send a snippet of code or a demo to show yourself off.
For modelers, please send a demo of models (2-3) In any program you use.
For Mappers, please send your best map you have made, preferably a single player map.
For artists, please send some drawings of yours!
About Our Team So Far:
So far the team is:
Me: Mapping/CO. project lead
Alex: CO. project lead
Emily: concept art
Tobey: Sound Artist.
I have been
programming in C++ for about 1 year and have been mapping in hammer for around 4 years. so i'm experienced in that. Alex has also been doing C++ for a year. We kind of came up with the name InterPhase Software too for our "company". We need a full team of awesome people who would like to send this one all the way!

What We Expect:

We are not expecting you to devote all your time to this, just enough. Some each day would be great! We need talented people just like you to drive us forward with this project.
Thank You for your time and I hope you consider being involved in this project!

Our Facebook:
Our Email:
-InterPhase Software.

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