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Feb 8 2021 Anchor

Hello all! I'm new to the forum and have come here because I've started speedrunning a game no one has before. It's an indie called The Adventures of Elena Temple, so I thought this would be a good place to look. I was trying to get my verified on, but unfortunately they don't accept "unimportant games" to their leaderboards anymore, and my game request was denied. So now I'm trying to rally some support and possibly get the game popular enough to be added. If you like retro platformers or know a speedrunner who does, tell them about the game and maybe show them my tutorial video to get them started: I apologize for the poor production value but you get all the info you need from the tutorial at the very least.

The game is $5 on steam, and just to make it a little more interesting I'll pay back the $5 investment to whoever is first able to beat my run with video evidence. I've also considered trying to get any youtubers who run niche games to give this one a try and get people interested, so if you know of any link then to this post.

As a side note: the reason I'm hoping people will join me on my quest to speedrun this game is because it's been tons of fun for me finding new strats and whittling the time down, but I've hit a wall only searching on my own. I have my guesses on how the mechanics work, but I'm not exactly sure, so it's hard for me to know what's possible, and theres no good TAS program for windows steam games, so I can't test with that. Point is if you're just really into glitch hunting and not speedruns you can still give the game a try. I used this program: to try and automate my superjumps (a double jump preformed the frame after your first jump, which can cause clips) for testing as I discussed in my video, and I'm hoping more superskips like the one shown there are possible. I think the reason it's not consistent even with this program is bc the game runs at 60 fps, which is a frame every 16.33 milliseconds, but the program can input every 16 or 17 milliseconds so it gets out of sync with the game. One other thing I discovered was that you can walk straight through portals, although I have no idea how. I've only ever done it once and unfortunately didn't capture it on video, but I'm sure it can save time if we figure it out.

Best of luck to any of you that give the speedrun a try! If you actually start running the game and have any issues feel free to msg me about it on the discord server I made: Hopefully one day the game will even be on!

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