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Jan 23 2018 Anchor

Hello, Game Creators

I am here looking for people willing to work together and develop great games. Not just for fulfilling our own desires, but also to give our players a few hours of unforgetable experiences.

What is our first project about?

We are making a small scope game, just to get the team to know each other.

Soulanity is a multiplayer 3D horror game with elements of Outlast, Slender and Amnesia. You find yourself inside a hospital and you have to find the means to get out before the creature living there gets you. The more time you stay in there, the less sanity you have. And the less sanity you have, the more likely you are to find the only thing you don't want to meet inside that place.

Use the lamp to guide yourself through the hospital, following the blood trail to find what you need to get to the exit. Remember, though, that you are not a fighter. Run, hide, but don't try to confront the beast. You'll always lose.

A small part of the things we've made so far:


Concept Art Based on the gameplay.


Wraith Concept Art.


Wraith model screenshot.

Bed models screenshot.

What other games are we making?

Let's forget about genres. Our main focus is to give players immersive and memorable experiences. Moments that make them forget about time while they play. Those are the games we are aiming for.

What roles are required?

At the moment, the Programmer we need must have:

  • Unreal Engine experience;
  • C++ experience;
  • Networking knowledge.

Anyway, just tell me what you think. Hope to receive answers from you all!

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Jan 23 2018 Anchor

Hey I am a music composer, and can also benefit the narrative and writing team as I have done similar but with short films etc..

Please contact me for anything regarding this.

Feb 10 2018 Anchor

Made a few changes on the post.

Feb 12 2018 Anchor


Like 90% of everyone else who responds to anything here, I'm a composer/sound designer. I've done music for some episodes of the Angry Video Game Nerd, and recently completed a Game Audio Specialist certification program at Berklee, where we worked with Unity among other things.

This project really seems like one I'd be interested in working on. I VERY much like the story and the concept art, and I think I'd be plenty inspired to come up with a soundscape for it.

On my website, in the "Game Clips" section, you can find videos of my audio projects at Berklee. The one where I worked with Limbo would probably be best suited to demonstrate how I fit with the horror genre, although they told us to keep it as abstract as possible for that one, so bear that in mind. You can also find a large playlist of various musical pieces in the "Music" section. My website:

Feel free to email me at if I seem like a good candidate. Thank you sir!

- Joey Freeze

Feb 16 2018 Anchor

Hi Media Maker, I hope your request is still relevant. Where is your team located? I'd like to know do you principally hire devs locally in your city/country or do you maybe consider a remote cooperation? If the question of location is unprincipled for you, you can get a nearshore team of game designers or extend your own team with external devs/designers.

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