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Sep 27 2017 Anchor

Hey guys,

can anyone help me to find this 2d jump 'n' run editor that I remember:

It was windows program. It had more than 16 colors (svga), so I guess it was windows 95 (I never had a svga card in my windows 3.x pc)

You had a big list of (16x16?) pixel blocks (tiles) which you could place in the main window to create your level. The list of tiles was just one large .bmp file. I remember opening and editing the file in a graphics program.

You could then play your level as a jump 'n' run game. However, for actual gameplay the screen would switch to a 320x200 pixel vga resolution (256) colors.

I am not 100% shure, but the gameplay was probably using mario as a game character.

It probably was not a big commercial product. maybe shareware.

If someone has any idea...

Oct 23 2017 Anchor

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