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Jan 20 2013 Anchor


I already have 3 excellent programmers who have done the controller, scaleform, camera, etc

We need graphical artists.

skype: m50ps3

Below are our 2 games explained in a very briefed version:

General Features:

3 distinctive playable classes;
Everything in the game works towards a visually and emotionally impressive playtime experience;
Co-Op Mode (play with your best-friend or with a stranger!);
Online PvP, where you can play in an arena with special characters;
Gigantic and unique world where darkness constantly struggles with the overpowerment of Nature;
There will be many DLC's (Downloadable contents) and some will be free;
Developed by an indie studio with members from Australia to Canada, Portugal and USA!

The Game:


Incarnot is a RPG single player or Co-op RPG series set in the distant future, where resources are scarce and the human race is no longer a thriving society. Players will choose between multiple classes from the Saverian Elite force of Human/Cyborg hybrids fuelled by Steam Power. Players will have the opportunity to build and evolve their hero over the course of the series. Plot: Since the wars for resources known as the Carbon Wars, the human race has been left shattered and broken. The remaining population has banded together under the Saverian Banner (adopted from one of the pioneers of the early steam engine, Thomas Savery), in the hope to rebuild a once great society. Unfortunately, due to oil reserves completely drying up, Saverian scientist have been working tirelessly to find an alternate fuel source. This has led to the construction a once obsolete technology from the past, the steam engine. Unfortunately, this technology was inefficient and unpredictable which made it dangerous and time consuming to maintain. Then the first discovery of a never seen before mineral was made. A green mineral with unusual energy properties, that when infused with steam enables the engines to work at a high performance rate. The need for Carnotium, as it is now been named (based on the Carnot Heat Engine theory), created a new market as the price for this mineral sky rockets. A new age of prospectors and miners are now spreading out into the barren wastelands in search for the mineral. Settlers are expanding out beyond the main cities , building trade routes through vast empty territory. However, not long after the discovery, news of skirmishes between the mining villages and a demon like threat have surfaced along the trade routes. Eye witnesses are telling of being ambushed by creatures that appears to be attracted to the Carnotium stores. They infuse the Carnotium within themselves making them faster, stronger and increasingly powerful. The Saverians ruling body have enacted a plan to combat these unknown forces they have since named 'The Spawn', due to their abilities to spawn lesser beings at will. The maimed prospectors have been fitted out with tech body parts and AI to replace their missing limbs. These will be the elite soldiers that will take on this new threat and win the war for human survival.

Title: Get Off the Lawn!Plot: A retirement village hosting senior veterans of past wars is under attack from aliens looking to invade the area. The seniors fed up by the dullness of everyday retirement life have banded together to fight off the invading threat. Armed with military skill, sharp minds, frail bodies and the need to relieve the boredom of retirement, to the unsuspecting aliens; these seniors become a force to be reckoned with.Theme: An arcade style Hack n' Slash with comedic themes. Get off the Lawn! , player purpose is to defeat waves of aliens around the retirement home. The structure is a point system where the more you kill the more points you attain and is shown on an overall scoreboard.


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