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Aug 11 2013 Anchor

Hey I'm Sean,
I'm into making music/sound effects/trailers for games.
Some of my equipment:

- Ableton live 9 [Digital Audio Workstation]
- Komplete 9 Ultimate [Instruments]
- Ozone 5 [Mastering Software]

- Audacity [Recording Audio]
- Shure PG48 microphone [Pretty good mic]

Visual trailers:
- Adobe After Effects
- Gimp

Because I'm new to the whole video game development I do most of the work for free.
I hope to work with a small game group to make a game.
Just respond to this thread or Email me at

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Aug 14 2013 Anchor

Hey Sean,
Congrats on your foray into music making. If your looking to get serious, try checking out a more advanced DAW than Audacity, experience working in that kind of software will help you a lot. My favorite is Reaper( which can be had for very little money, and may serve you better than ableton in some situations.

Aug 14 2013 Anchor

He's using ableton as his daw, he'll be fine :)

Aug 27 2013 Anchor

I'm not quick to discredit ones work based on their equipment. I've worked on Audacity and have instead reserved it as a two track post editing software but then I've had friends who have recorded full EP's of professional quality on it. You just gotta know how to work the software.

Aug 28 2013 Anchor

tips here :
-no dev knows what ableton, komplete and ozone, or any other audio technical stuff you are talking about is, so don't bother posting about it. (proof here, as only audio guys replied hehe :P)
-tell us about your experience, post your previous works
-a dynamic microphone is NOT a good microphone... especially if you are into sound effects and music making. invest in good condenser microphones with a good stereo portable recording device
-"I do most of the work for free" ? do you mean that you charge after a few assets ? that you don't complete something until you get paid and just offer a demo/rough version for free ?

@bassmon : "may serve you better than ableton" ? I've worked with ableton for years and honestly, I have not encountered anything it's not capable of doing. every DAW is capable of achieving the same results, it just matters which one you are most comfortable with

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