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Jul 3 2013 Anchor

Golden Dragon Studio is looking for a programmer who knows the Unity engine for our project "Silver Symbiosis".

Also looking for 3D Artists/animators, both for creatures and environments, to take our concept art and produce the final in-game graphics.

"Silver Symbiosis" is a single-player RPG with an optional PvP mode late in the game.

It is a massive world with many terrain types and includes hostile environments where the world itself can kill the unprepared through extreme heat (magma caves and deserts), extreme cold (high altitude and/or far northern/southern latitudes), drowning, or starvation. A destructible/manipulate-able environment which can be affected by the
Fusion skills (Examples; changing solid ground to swamp or quicksand,
causing land-/rock-slides, etc...)

You (the player) will have the ability to ATTEMPT to negotiate with most hostile creatures, many of whom may respond favorably, thereby granting new Fusion abilities(certain bosses) or trade for rare items("normal" enemies) while others will take advantage to do massive damage or even (in the case of bosses) 1-hit kills

It features real-time combat which pauses while in the skill or item menus allowing the player to take their time while browsing through them, the ability to acquire recipes, gather ingredients, and prepare potions and/or food, trade with NPCs and a multitude of creatures to encounter. Many hostile, but not all.

Main objective: To seal Satan back in Hell where he belongs!
Primary weapons: Psion-Sword, Psion-Shield, and Psion-Tether
Secondary weapons: Whatever ranged weaponry you can acquire

Basically you play as a teenager, either Evan or his twin sister Aina. The one you choose encounters a symbiote that bonds with them and grants them a plethora of abilities. The Psionics are the most obvious aspect of this. The other ability is that of fusing temporarily with other creatures and permanentally gaining powers from that fusion. You must battle the evil that comes through some of the rifts, befriend the good that comes through others, and NOT get the two mixed up! Mixing them up gets the good killed and/or you killed.

You also gain the ability to fuse up to 3 of the Fusion abilities together to create new abilities, the only requirement is that the powers being combined came from different creatures.
The rifts that are opening are connecting Earth to various other realities, including Heaven and Hell. Heaven has sent an Angel through to help you defeat the demons being sent from Hell. The final boss is Satan himself who comes in the form he had before being banished from Heaven, and is under the glow of false glory. Don't be fooled!

Oh yeah, the Angel only helps you directly in one boss battle and even that is conditional on you detroying the Demonic Seals which keep him out of that dungeon, after that(provided you destroyed the Seals) he grants you an ability which alows you to deal double damage to demons.

The only actual companion character is the Rock Goblin Champion, AFTER you defeat him. Attacking any of his people(after he joins you) permanently loses you his help.

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