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Gomezer Holy Defender
Jan 9 2013 Anchor

Me and a couple of my partners run a racing league forum and were looking to expand into creating our own cars to race for an upcoming simulator called Assetto Corsa (info on the sim here:

It's going to release sometime in spring or early summer so we have plenty of time to work on our chosen mod, a Mazda Miata, Spec Miata, first generation:

The mod would be free of course and hopefully have racing leagues built up around it since it's a very simple and fun to jump into and race.
One of our friends actually owns an example of the car we want to have a model of so we have access to lots of reference photos if needed. What makes a Spec Miata different from the regular Miata is pretty much just safety equipment inside, things like a racing seat and window nets, very simple.Thanks for reading, looking forward to any responses!

Jan 9 2013 Anchor

i may be at ur assitcans here are my works plz msg me back if intrested

Gomezer Holy Defender
Jan 11 2013 Anchor

Hi, for sure. What would you need in order to try and work on a model?

Jan 14 2013 Anchor

contact me at, and i could help u out!

Jan 23 2013 Anchor

I would be very happy to assist you!
I have over two years experience at 3d modeling and will be attending Portsmouth university in September.
Please contact me at if you are interested, as I am sure this will be mutually beneficial.

Gomezer Holy Defender
Jan 26 2013 Anchor

Replied guys, thanks!

This is still open, we may need more people to help in order to maximize detail. We're aiming to have a fully detailed interior so we may need some experienced static modelers if any are interested in the challenge.

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