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Aug 5 2013 Anchor

Hi there,

My name is Jake Cunningham. I've been composing music for seven years now. I've always been told my music would work great in video games and films, but I never knew how to get my music out there. That is, until I actually got my music on a video game. In maybe what is the most unorthodox way to get music in a video game, I became a part of the Rock Band Network, and I got some of my heavier songs playable on the game.

After this, my 'band,' which went under the name 'Chaotrope,' gained quite the internet following, mostly Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal music fans.At this point, I knew I wanted to have a musical career, but I didn't know where to start. That's when I contacted a local interested in coding a game, asking him if he needed music. From there, I attained my first experience composing music for video games, and I've never turned back.

I can create music for a wide variety of games, in a wide variety of genres. I can also compose for short films, or basically anything else needing a soundtrack. I'm still looking for experience, so my services will be very cheap, but that in no way means I will be lacking in skill.

To view my portfolio, you can view me on Soundcloud under the name 'Chaotrope.'

Thank you very much!


To view my portfolio, please visit

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