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Apr 14 2018 Anchor

Hey there!

About me

You've never heard of me. I have nothing published - yet. But I'm a great programmer. Been programming for half my life. Right now, I'm working on a spare time project in UE4. While I'm relatively confident with Blender, I'm not well versed in anatomy, let alone character modeling, rigging and animating. Hence, I'm looking for a character designer and/or modeler!

If you don't trust me to be as good as I claim to be, I have one prior (unreleased and unfinished) student project I can show you upon request. Within 3 months, I developed 3 subsystems (almost complete and ready for sale) and wrote entirely custom movement physics based on Epic's UCharacterMovementComponent with a focus on the project's USP: omnidirectional gravity. I put that project on ice last week when I submitted it, because it gave me enough insomniac nights over those 3 months. In its stead, I started this project. I will resume work on it in the future though, and release it (finished or not) to the public eventually.

About the Project

You might wanna know what you're going to be working on. Truth is, I don't fully know yet. In my head, I picture an anime-style, fast paced, (partially) procedural, rogue-like 3D bullet hell-ish game. I don't have a lot of progress yet, and I'm not sure about the setting yet. It sort of depends on whether I can find a talented 3D artist. Because if I can't, the entire thing will appear a *lot* simpler... ;)

Concept is rather simple so far. You possess two kinds of "accessories": crystals and tracers. You collect an infinite amount of each of them. I'm not entirely certain yet how you collect them. Maybe you just kill enemies and they might randomly drop them. Maybe you extract essence from defeated foes. Maybe you unlock them as part of the procedural world. Maybe all of the above.

Anyway, crystals float above you, tracers... well, trace you. Crystals shoot things at your target. Tracers emit particles which act like landmines. Both of these come in different flavors. Though I haven't worked out these flavors yet. The basic crystal just shoots a brief light beam. The basic tracer's particles harm enemies that touch them. Additional crystals could throw flames, or launch mortar shells, or trigger an orbital strike, or pierce the ground with spikes... the possibilities are endless. Additional tracers could be lingering gas, a trail of fire, freezing ice, or a healing musk. The latter could be used to heal yourself by following your own trail, or having a friend follow your trail.

And yes, that last part does mean it's going to feature multiplayer. The code base is already designed in a fashion that supports multiplayer.

Ideally I'd like modding support for it as well, but I'll have to look into that more. If it works the way I think it does, all we'd need is for me to create the API for it. Which shouldn't be a problem.

So, what are you in for?

Don't expect any money. There's a reason I didn't post this on the jobs forum. The reason being: It's a hobby project. If you're going to get in touch with me, do it for the prestige and the portfolio, and maybe, if the project explodes, rev share. But I don't plan on commercializing it. Yet.

This project is a no-budget project. You're in for this, because you want to be in. Of course you'd have a say in where the project goes as well. This isn't my project, this is our project. And maybe we can work on other titles in the future as well... in jolly cooperation! :P


If you've made it this far: Thanks for reading! If you're interested, leave a response here, or drop me a DM. Don't forget to show me a few of your works, and ask for my aforementioned student project!

Looking forward to hearing from you! :D

Apr 29 2018 Anchor

hello my names mark i use unity so i'm not sure if you know c# but here are some of my unfinished projects that id like to Finnishgrey3


i use blender as my modeling program,i can model/texture/animate...everything but code,I always work with people rev share,if your up for a chat contact me via skype ubi_vespa

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