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May 16 2018 Anchor


we are a group of 2 programmers, with more than 5 years of experience, getting into video games development. So far we have made a few small games in our free time and now we want to take it more serious. The plan is make 2 or 3 fast small games with a maximum development time per game of +- 1 month (we have 1 of these almost finished only need the assets) to get comfortable with the team, adjust the workflow, etc and then start a bigger project. We are looking for 1 or 2 artists to join our team.


  • be serious We need someone who as minimum finishes the project that starts with us, finding another artist at mid development is no good. Also many don't like to take things that are half done and it's not always easy to adapt to the style of the previous artist.
  • commitment You will need to dedicate some time to this. We are not looking for someone that is only able to work a few hours in the weekend.
  • 2d knowledge (sprites, backgrounds, portraits, ui, etc)

It's not necessary to have previous experience in game development. Knowing 3D/animation or have other skills is always welcome too but not a requirement.

The ideal candidates will be artists that want to get fully involved with the game development process, give ideas, help in the game design, etc.

We don't have any resources, ence we can't pay anyone. Anything generated from the games will be shared with all the team members.

If this sounds appealing to you or want to know more pm me or comment here.

May 16 2018 Anchor


I am very interested in joining your team. I work with both 3D and 2D art and have been doing so for almost four years. Below is my portfolio. My strengths include semi-realism, traditional still life, fashion concept, and creature concept. I use Photoshop to create my artwork and am familiar with 2D animation. I am available to work for a few hours almost everyday of the week. I would love to get more experience with your team!

Should you have any further inquires about my experiences or anything else, please contact me here:

Thank you for your consideration!

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