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Feb 6 2013 Anchor

Team name:
Kobra Studios -

Project name:

Shadow World (Working Title).

Brief description:

Shadow World is a 3D tactical, 3rd person multiplayer shooter where players compete online in team based combat. Various modes of online play together with a well balanced pace to the action (Running & Gunning) versus Camping will create for a rare and rewarding player experience.

We were fans of the classic shooters for Playstation 2 such as Socom 1 / Socom 2 and feel that large companies have turned a deaf ear to the players. Our goal is to create an addicting, fun experience while listening to the feedback from our fans.

We are looking for people who are serious about joining a team of like-minded individuals. What that means is: Maturity-- understands the project before making a commitment and following through on the decision to participate.

Target aim:
PC / Multiplatform

Polished, High Quality with Indie Feel
Create playable, working demo that can be pitched to publishers or investors for funding or self-publish finished game.


At this time there is no compensation, if *big if* funding is acquired then this can be considered a paid position. At that point things will go from being a Hobby project with loose deadlines to a serious contract with obligations for those interested.


In-House 3D Engine

Talent Needed

Level Designer

Team structure (location) - Job Title:
Myself (Brasil) - Game Designer
Kai (Germany) - Lead Programmer
Mike (USA) - Android Programmer
Luis (USA) - 3D Artist
Carlos (USA) - 3D Artist
Kevin (USA) - 3D Artist
Sam P. (USA) - 3D Artist
Sam C. (Korea) - 3D Artist


PM/Post Here/E-mail j o b s [ a t ] k o b r a s t u d i o s [ d o t ] c o m

Previous Work by Team:
No previous work by team together but each has different experiences both professional and Hobby.

Additional Info:
Character Pose

Bump- looking for Animators & Level Designers.

Bump- looking for Animators & Level Designers.

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