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May 24 2013 Anchor

Hello there.
I would like 3 voice actors for my Cry of Fear Custom Campaign, Purgatory. Link here -->

I need 2 male voice actors and 1 female voice actor.
Here are the roles:

  • Isaac Harper, a 18 year old male who suffers with depression and who attempts to kill himself at the start of the CC.
  • Issac's Mother, a female who cares about her son.
  • [unknown role] If you want to take this role then contact me.

You need to be american for these roles, if you aren't then I won't accept you. (Faking an american accent doesn't count)

If you want to contact me about the roles, Just PM me on ModDB and tell me which role you would be.

mrpeanut188 Insomnia!
May 24 2013 Anchor

Uhhh.... You should be able to do this

Jun 5 2013 Anchor

Hey Jon, I might be able to help you out there, check out my profile, I put a demo there of some of the voices I can do, at around 1:38 I do a voice that's serious/suited to horror. I could make a demo specifically of voices better suited to horror too if you'd like.

Jan 22 2014 Anchor

If you're still looking, here is my latest reel

May 25 2014 Anchor

hey if you need are still looking for voices Can i try for the role of Issac?
if you want I could send you a link to my youtube that has a few things I've Done

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