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Nov 1 2019 Anchor

What is Legion: The Eternal War?

There is something about a living and breathing world that keeps you coming back. To be lost in wonder under the stars of a new realm, the thrill of conquering a world by sword and blade. In the glut of modern games, few go heavy on lore and world-building. Our heart was to create the MMORPG we’ve always wanted, one that leaves us thinking long after we log off. A game where the community has a real voice in the direction it takes. Nexus Division is crafting a story-rich world that showcases the struggle between two dueling factions.

Join our BETA and lend your voice to the conversation. We’re making this game for you!

Legion: The Eternal War
Our Upcoming Beta
We’ve been working night and day behind the scenes at Nexus Division to bring you the next phase of production for Legion. In a few days, we’ll be launching our Second Legion alpha test!

On Nov ember, 1st at 3:30 PM UTC -6 our servers will go live for those lucky players who have a Beta key, and we couldn’t be more excited! Our backers and growing community will come together for the second time in-game and start making Legion: The Eternal War an unforgettable experience.

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What is a Beta test?
Traditionally an Alpha test is different from a Beta test (Or the controversial B.E.T.A.) in that it is performed in-house while a product is a bit far from public consumption. Alphas are often done while a game is solidifying into a final form. Bugs, missing features, a lack of content, and performance issues aren’t just common for Alpha tests, they’re expected. In order to make Legion the best experience possible, we’ll need to test our servers, our in-game build, and our upcoming content. We can’t do this without help from you.

Why Beta test now?
We hope to make this a large-scale test and really stress our game while seeing how it works with large numbers of players. We also get the chance to hear community feedback about everything from optimization to what they thought of the direction Legion is taking. While we are quite a way out from a finished product, this is the time where we can start honing in on what form Eternal War will ultimately take.

Launching a new MMO is both exciting and somewhat terrifying. We’d be disingenuous to promise you a smooth life-changing experience. Everything needs to be tested, worked on, and fixed. We value every person contributing to Legion and ask for a bit of grace around the rough edges. We aren’t making audacious claims, Legion is far from finished and perfect, but we do need your help to show us what needs to change behind the scenes.

Our Content Pipeline
In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding more content regularly and launching more tests. Our hope is to update the game every week with additional content as well as bug fixes, features, and more. Our goal is that this Alpha phase will help Legion form into a unique, highly developed, enjoyable MMO. It’ll take time and work but Nexus Division is committed to making that happen. These regular updates will give you insight into our overall progress and help backers have a say in the direction of Legion.

We look forward to meeting you in-game soon. Thank you for your support as a community and we can’t wait to show you what comes next!

Please share your thoughts below, Gameplay footage will be updated this weekend.
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