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Oct 4 2012 Anchor

i've just installed a half life mod - someplace_else - and discovered that unless steam is already running the mod or for that matter half life itself won't launch.
i believe this is because the launch command line that desura uses is if the form:
c:\program...........\steam\.......\half-life\hl.exe -game someplace_else instead of the form
c:\program ..........\steam|steam.exe applaunch 70 -game someplace_else
unfortunately these launch commands are stored in:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Desura\DesuraApp\iteminfo_c.sqlite
and this file cannot be edited by hand - if you try it desura crashes,
so, either i have to remember to launch steam manually,
there is a way to overide the launch commands- perhaps by user the 'user' option in properties?
or desura can update the mod and gold source game launchers.

i've searched the forums but i can not find any reference to this, am i the only one who has this issue?


Oct 5 2012 Anchor

It's set up that way because Desura still supports finding and launching WON/Sierra Half-Life. Install paths + launch configs for WON would have to be de-supported so only launching through Steam would remain.

Oct 10 2012 Anchor

ah, i see, thankyou for explaining


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