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Nov 9 2011 Anchor

Just wondering if anyone is working on making mods for this game. I would love to see a script or something that will allow us to use guns whenever we want and to open door to interiors. Here is a list of all the interiors someone found. I wish I knew how to start. Anyone have any suggestions on how to start modding a game like this. Some tutorials somewhere?

Open Door Church – Behind library (interior)
Hall of Records – Broadway and 1st (interior)
Pawnbroker – Main and Third (interior)
Bus Depot – Los Angeles and 6th (interior)
Mench’s Bar – Merger of Main and Spring (interior)
Hotel Bristol – 8th and Olive (interior)
Levine’s Liquor – Hope St, east of 8th (interior)
Rawlings Bowling Alley – Grand and Olympic (interior)
Apartments – 3 blocks north of Broadway, at the east end (interior)
Hartfields – Broadway and 6th (interior)
Gas – 9th and Hope (interior)
Army Surplus – 9th and Hope (interior)
Gas – Flower and 11th (interior)
Dewey’s Car Sales – Wilshire and Figueroa (interior)
Bank – Olive and 9th (interior)
Just Picked Fruit - Bottom triangle of Los Angeles and Alameda (interior)
Bank of America – 7th and Olive (interior)
Cavagna’s Bar – Off Alameda, 4 blocks south near Union Station (interior)
Union Station - North Alameda Street (interior)
Gas – Flower and 9th (interior)
Superior Laundry – At the merger of 1st and 2nd, bottom right triangle (interior)
Tareldson House – Last right on Lucas, if coming west – 2nd house on right (interior)
Baron’s Bar – Off of 1st, 2 blocks north of Figueroa (interior)
Hobo Camp – at the end of Grand (interior)
Western Union – 2nd and Hill (interior)
Delgato House – At the east end of Hill, right side (interior)
Goldberg’s – Main and 2nd (interior)
Un-built building – across from Goldberg’s (interior)
Bank of Arcadia #2 – 3rd and Main (interior)
Bus Depot – Maple and 6th (interior)
Southern Fried – Alameda and 2nd (interior)
Warehouse – Alameda and 1st (interior)
7th Street Aqueduct(interior)
Boo Bro’s – Hill and 6th (interior)
Southern Fried – Hill and 8th (interior)
Gas – Olympic and Hill (interior)
Gas – 11th and Hill (interior)
Creepy House – 2nd J at the east end of Figueroa (interior)
Mirror Press Diner – 2nd and Broadway (interior)
Central Morgue – At east end of Broadway tunnel (interior)


La Brae Tar Pits – Off San Marino
Los Angeles Speedway – On Mariposa, Between Rosewood and Melrose
1st congressional Church – Hoover and 6th
Bullocks Wilshire – Wilshire Blvd and Westmoreland St
Drive In Theatre – Vermont and 4rth
County Art Museum – Hoover and 8th (interior)
Diner – Between La Fayette and Rampart on 3rd (interior)
Bus Station – Union and Beverly (interior)
Reggie’s – Beverly and New Hampshire (interior)
Just Picked Fruit – Beverly and Catalina (interior)
Reggie’s – 1st and Kenmore (interior)
Engine #32 – Melrose and Vermont (interior)
Southern Fried – across from Engine #32 (interior)
Crashed Apartments – On Vermont, next to acme books, between 1st and Council (interior)
Westlake Savings and Loan – Third and Lucas (interior)
Reggie’s – 6th and Witmer (interior)
Southern Fried – on 6th, 3 streets south of Union (interior)
Reggie’s – Beverly and Kinsley (interior)
Reggie’s – Westlake and Wilshire (interior)
Hotel – Garland and 7th (interior)
Railway Diner – Maplewood and Normande (interior)
Insta-heat Factory – Beverly and Harvard (interior)
Leland Monroe’s office – one block east of Melrose and Western (interior)
Superior Laundry – Melrose and Kingsley (interior)
California Insurance – 5th and Vermont (interior)
Reggie’s – across from Cali Insurance (interior)
Southern Fried – Maplewood and Western (interior)
Medical Clinic – Oakwood and Vermont (interior)
Rapid Bug – Vermont and Beverly (interior)
Nuclear Bug – 3rd and Westmoreland (interior)
Westlake Pest – 3rd and Union (interior)
Dr. Fountaine’s House – Reno and 3rd (interior)
Southern Fried – 7th and Parkview (interior)
Gas – across from Southern Fried (interior)
Moller House – Bonnie Brae and Beverly, 3rd on right (interior)


NBC – Sunset and Vine
CBS – Sunset and El Centro
The Palladium – Across from CBS
Pantages Theatre – Hollywood and Argyle
The Egyptian Theatre – Hollywood Blvd and Las Palmas
Hollywood Masonic Temple – Hollywood and Orchid
Hotel Mark Twain – Across from the Post Office
Football field/School – Orange and Hawthorne
Film Studio – Sunset and Bronson
Rancho Escanino/ Racetrack – Wilton and Fountain
Miniature Golf – Between Santa Monica and Romaine
Foundry next to Mini-Golf – Climb building pipe next to it (interior)
Diner – Melrose and Vermont (interior)
Tower Records? – Hollywood Blvd and Highland (interior)
Gulliver’s Travels – Santa Monica, off of Western (interior)
Joes Diner – Santa Monica and Wilton (interior)
AO Travel – Behind Joes (interior)
Reggie’s – El Centro, by Santa Monica (interior)
Reggie’s – Fountain and Gower (interior)
Southern Fried – De longpre and El Centro (interior)
Pink Hotel – Sunset and Salim (interior)
Joes Diner – Sunset and Cahuenga Blvd (interior)
Bus Station – Sunset and Las Palmas (interior)
D’assine – Whitney and Hollywood (interior)
Building - Sunset and Seaward (interior)
Layman’s Grill – Hollywood and Wilcox (interior)
Yellow Hotel – Middle street on the west end of Yucca (interior)
Robert’s Diner – Sunset and Highline (interior)
Reggie’s - Middle street off of Cole (interior)
Bank of Arcadia – El Centro and Santa Monica (interior)
Bought and Sold – Santa Monica and Bronson (interior)
Apartments – Ivar and Yucca (interior)
American Legion Stadium – Cower and Selma (interior)
Keystone Film – Hawthorne and Hollywood (interior)
Numbers operation – Sunset and Bronson, behind Joes (interior)
Joes Diner – Sunset and Bronson (interior)
Examiner Drugstore – Sunset and Ivar (interior)
Polar Bear Ice – Hawthorne and Labrea (interior)
Bob’s Hardware – Sunset and Wilton (interior)
Southern Fried – Across the street from NBC, behind the buildings (interior)
Reggie’s – Orange and Lanewood (interior)
Hotel El Mar – on Vine, 2 blocks south of Sunset (interior)
Parnell’s Soup Company – Vine and Fountain (interior)
Aleve Motel – Fountain; between El Centro and Gower (interior)
Thrifty Liquor – Gower and Santa Monica (interior)
111 Club – Hollywood and Carlos (interior)
Mcombo Club – Hollywood and Sycamore (interior)
Hollywood Police – De Longpre and Wilcox (interior)
Hollywood Post Office – Wilcox and Selma (interior)
Curtis’ Apartment – North end of Mariposa, 2nd house on right (interior)
Jack Kelso’s Apartment – El Centro and De Longpre (interior)
Auto Club – El Centro and Santa Monica (interior)

Nov 9 2011 Anchor

the game files are so encrypted up the arse i'm afraid it's not possible unless a truly talented and capable(i'd say genius or savant level) programmer can make a tool. i'm certain rockstar wouldn't throw us a bone.

Nov 10 2011 Anchor

Cinco I started a thread at various other forums and it appears that the game files are actually not encrypted. All that is needed is the extractor that was written for the Xbox360 to be adapted for the PC Files. One post is in XeNTax and apprently they have been already extracting the ps3 files and one is in gtaforums. Lets get going with modding this game!!

Nov 11 2011 Anchor

What are the capabilities of the extractor? I don't really understand what they've accomplished. It appears they can extract textures and subtitle files. What else?

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