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May 30 2019 Anchor

Skull Flip! is a logic based puzzle game. Anyone who liked the old lights-out will also like this game, because I adapted the gameplay idea. It started as a project for university in first semester and after I graduated I thought that I haven't seen this kind of game as a mobile game yet. So, I started the project, which was ulitmately my journey into professional game development, as well. I first started with native android development and wrote my own game engine, which sooner rather than later left me stuck with spending more time on the engine than on the gameplay mechanics. Ultimately, I decided to stop development in native android and start learning Unity. I'm still very happy with this decision, because Unity is just awesome.

I had to find a job though and so I became a software/app developer (Unity) in a small studio. Was my first real job ever and while I learned a bunch of good things, I didn't really like working there. My plan was to develope this game on the side on the weekends or just half an hour or an hour each day after work, but I was way too exhausted to do that. So, after about half a year I quit and said to myself that I have to finish this game otherwise it's never going to get finished and I will regret it. Now, over another year of development later, the game is finally ready to be played.

My main problem right now is that I don't have any budget for marketing and don't know how to generate players. So, I hope that you take some time and check out the game. Maybe you can even tell me what you think, whether you have fun with the game or not, would be awesome!



Best wishes,


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