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Mar 12 2013 Anchor

Hi guys,
I was wondering if, like, Desura can boast of 100 % FREE DRM on games.
I know that Desura itself is some kind of DRM but what interest me here is about games proposed by Desura.

I've enough of DRM from Steam games. Like a lot of players, I want to BUY my games, not rent them. Like a lot of players, I would ensure myself that my games won't be taken back from me after 5 installations or shit like this. Like a lot of players, I look for real game-lovers-developpers, not money-lovers-developpers.

Desura is the perfect alternative to free PC-gaming. I let to the hell the big licences, I want real games and Desura heared us : gamers and developpers who think about GAMES first.

Thank you for reading this thread and I hope to have answers from you all ;)

Mar 12 2013 Anchor

well yeah desura and steam are basically drm softwares. just better than the usual old method of the maximum number of installations
if you can't log into your account, well, too bad, you can't play. on gog you download the installer and put it on any computer without the need to log into whatever. gog is 100% drm free
steam and desura are 100% drm softwares

Mar 12 2013 Anchor

@Guiboune may i ask where did you get that information?

Desura is DRM agnostic. It is whatever.

Desura provides stand-alone installers (you don't need Desura client at all), also you can run your games without running the client in offline mode. You can launch & play without running desura.

Most (some?) games may be also copied elsewhere and they should work, without the client whatsoever.

To note, a few games are Steam-locked - redeemable only on Steam, and cannot be installed through Desura.

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Mar 12 2013 Anchor

We have two ways to get your game, the first is the app which is easiest described as a "steam" like program. However all it does is download the games to your HDD and patch them for you. You can if you want copy that install and take it to another computer and it will run all the same without the app. The other way we have is just a direct download of the install files for all supported OS's. So Mac, Linux and Windows.

Sometimes we sell Steam keys and sometimes games supply their own DRM (cd key authing with their websites). I like to describe Desura as a DRM agnostic service, we do not have our own DRM but we allow simple DRM onto the service.


Mar 12 2013 Anchor

On GOG, if you can't log too, you are stuck.
On Desura too, you can download the installer and put it anywhere you want to use it on all computers without Internet and without Desura's client.

Steam and Desura are 100 % DRM softwares ? I'm not sure about this point

Mar 12 2013 Anchor

Desura is like 80-90% DRM-free (if you exclude CD keys). Games that you install through Desura can be launched without Desura after they are downloaded and installed (played without logging into the client / without offline mode). Plus at the Desura website you can download stand-alone installers without installing desura.

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Mar 12 2013 Anchor

I know that I am able to install my games everywhere without Desura, I can play them online or offline.

To have two ways with Desura is really amazing I think, to make a client OR to let the players download and install his game with an installer ! It's a genius idea !!!

Steam never made that, Steam locks most of its games so it really has a DRM in my opinion. You MUST have Steam's client to play your games and if you change account on the same computers, games you never bought on this second account get locked and you can't launch them anymore...

I saw about Steam keys. Seems some developpers are seflish.... :eyebrow:

And yes Feillyne

When I am not logged in to Desura, he is what I see with Postal 2 :

Then when I am logger in to Desura, here is what I see :

This way is so so great !!!!!!!!

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Mar 12 2013 Anchor

Adrien2002 wrote: When I am not logged in to Desura, he is what I see with Postal 2 :

Then when I am logger in to Desura, here is what I see :

This way is so so great !!!!!!!!

Meant without logging into the client (not website) to play a game.

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Mar 12 2013 Anchor

what ? we can do that :o
damn. I didn't even know we could download installers from desura o.O
well, sorry about my misunderstanding !

Mar 13 2013 Anchor

Yes yes, I was meaning FROM a web browser and not the Desura's client, sorry. At this point, it is the same as for me

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