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Nov 9 2018 Anchor

How much you are going to risk today? Wanna try something new and more challenging? Call up your game fellows or join in with other online players worldwide. Let’s give these most recent multiplayer free online games PC play a try and have more fun today.


This is the second edition of the original Vampire’s Lore. It’s time to test your vampire skill now. You will enter a magical vampire game world in which your role is a vampire. All you need to do is join a battle and fight with your opponents. Just make sure to take them down as soon as possible before they kill off your game character. To level up, you have to clear out all the enemies and gain as much power as you can. The more power you earn, the higher the chance for you to win in the next round.

It’s time to test your vampire skill now.

In Vampire’s Lore, your weapon is nothing other than a magic wand. You will use your magic wand and attack other vampires. Whenever you level up, you can learn more new skills and new magic tricks. To eliminate your enemies you can combine both your magical tricky moves with attacking skills.

This is a stunning 3D multiplayer game and you will definitely have a great time joining in a battlefield with all vampire characters. There are 3 unique maps for you to explore and 2 game modes to play. You can practice your own skills in the single-player mode and team up with your buddies in the multiplayer mode. Kill off some enemies today and become the last one standing in these intense battlefields.


Let’s ride on a series of thrilling adventures in Uncolored Dungeon. Your journey will take place in a dungeon that fills with a lot of dangers and challenging traps. Your game character will be an adorable cutie magician. The cute magician will enter the dungeon to find new weapons and gain his own magical power.

Let’s ride on a series thrilling adventure in Uncolored Dungeon.

To gain more magical power and learn new magic moves, he will get through a series of training progress. The training is nothing than facing up with the beasty monsters in the dungeon. Taking down all the monsters are not going to be easy, so that make the most out of all your excellent skills or you will be killed off by those ugly beasts.

This is an amazing 2D gameplay which has an interesting plot and simple yet beautiful graphics. Give it a shot and It will bring you a lot of enjoyable time to play. You will experience a great progression of the game character. The game also provides a multiplayer mode, so that you can enjoy an exciting time to explore the dungeon with your friends or close ones. This is also one of the great online games couples play together.


If you enjoy playing the classic game Capture the Flag, you definitely need to try out this newest .io version. As it old gameplay, in you will take part in the battlefield and fight against other rival teams. Each team will have their own flag and your mission is to protect your team flag at the same time, try to take the flag of other teams. The one who takes other team’s flag first will be the winner. has a simple gameplay but still is one of the most interesting games for all to try. You can join other online players to be a team or create your own team with your friends by playing in the multiplayer mode.

The one who takes other team’s flag first will be the winner.

This phenomenon game has come back with more extra features and awesome graphics with an easier control system. Just keep in mind that even though the gameplay is simple, it’s not easy for you to win. There are some green spikers on the map that you need to avoid. These spikes will be a deadly trap for your game characters, so speed up your steps but carefully choose your moves. Let’s show off your fast moves and capture your rival’s flag as soon as you can and make your team be the champion in


It’s undoubtedly true that all gamer must know about Pacman. This retro game will make you go crazy again with its latest .io version. Just like in the old gameplay, you will go around the map and collect all the pellets. The more pellets you eat, the bigger you will grow. There are not only the pellets on the map but also some other ghosts. All you need to do is collect all the pellets on the map in each level and avoid all the ghosts.

You will get chances to eliminate other players by eating them.

The game has updated to the .io version with more beautiful graphics and smooth control. You now can join with other online gamers in the multiplayer game mode. In this multiplayer game mode, you will face up not only the ghosts but also other players. You will get chances to eliminate other players by eating them. Keep in mind that you only can eat players that smaller than you, so that try to avoid all bigger players or you will be their meals.

In this latest version, you still experience the same map as the original version, but there is a fun extra option for you to disguise as a ghost. Do you think you can take control over the map in this newest version? Call up some of your buddies and join in this excellent classic online browser games to play with friends now.

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