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Feb 19 2017 Anchor

Hello guys,

I am a game developer for 3 years now and I'd love to share my experience. Recently I wrote an article on how to improve your collision. This can be very helpful for new developers, as I remember there was nobody to tell me about these things when I started. My first game would be much better if I knew this, but instead I'll help you to improve your games.

You can read about the article on my blog


I hope it's allowed to post personal blog posts, as I couldn't find anything about it in rules. My blog is not a commercial website, I do not have ads or any similar sort. All my content is free.

Feb 19 2017 Anchor

Your post reminds me of the basics in cartoon animation class: follow through. It's a crazy simple concept that most people ignore.


Go play some Quake 2:
It's like Source v0.9, only... better!
Play Paintball for Doom 3!:
Doom 3 Paintball to the Max!

Mar 11 2017 Anchor

Ahh yes, good old squash and stretch it does make sense for a ball, not so much for a character. The idea remains the same for the character I suppose, bending the knees on landing and what not. I do like how the platforms was not able to take the full weight of the character though, you could also add that it doesn't return to its 'starting y value' until the player jumps off for even more effect.

Great reminder, thanks for posting.

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