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Jul 19 2017 Anchor

Hey, I have created a few mod for games like Minetest, G-Mod and Mari0. These games are easy to mod as they have lua bindings (infact, Mari0 is written in lua minus the Love2D engine). Now, I would like to get into half-life modding (NOT source engine modding as I like goldsrc better and I find it easier). I know some C++ but I can never truly grasp it. Now, I was wondering, how would I go about implementing Lua into GoldSrc? And, aswell as that, would It be possible for me to compile my scripts to ByteCode for the engine to run it so people don't steal any code or develop cheats by modifying it? Thanks in advance!

b u m p

Sep 14 2017 Anchor

Is it possible? I would certainly think so. Sven Coop, a popular GoldSrc mod, was rewritten a little while back to use Angelscript for game/server scripting.

Now I doubt it was an small undertaking for their team to make the shift. You'd probably have to write a pretty extensive interface between the game engine's data structures and features and the LUA code base if you wanted to access all GoldSrc functionality.

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