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Aug 2 2016 Anchor

Starfox through starfox 64 are among my favorite games of all time. They are polished and memorable and just an all around good time. Then gamecube came out with a launch title that was poorly written cheaply developed and worst of all boring. Since then we have only seen star fox in spin off franchises and copy-paste versions of starfox 64. Most likely nintendo is never going to make a proper sequel to the starfox games but at the off chance they decide to trepidly step out if the safety of generic mario titles, what would a good current generation starfox game look like?


The feature that stood out the most for me in starfox 64 was being able to see the different paths you could take through the Lylat system and depending which path you chose you received a unique story and missions.This time you get an open world where you fly around and complete missions on each section of the Lylat system. this time the game would have RPG elements to it without being a full blown obsidian title, you can find components by completing missions and exploring the system and use them to upgrade your ship, weapons, and armor. It would be similar to Kotor II when you would have to travel to different planets to continue the story but with a heavier focus on dog fighting.

I was thinking about starfox adventures and this was going to be a random rant about how aggravating that game was but I deleted that and decided to make something more constructive instead. So if you have given the starfox franchise any thought since their last attempt at a sequel let me know what you think.

Aug 21 2016 Anchor

I wouldn't really call Assault a spin off. With Command and Adventures I can kind of see your point, but Assault I'd consider a proper sequel.

Anyway, my opinion on this depends on what you're asking. The game I'd like to see, or the game I think Nintendo would make.

Nintendo is pulling in 2 opposite directions simultaneously. Nintendo's business model right now seems to be to pander to generation x Nintendo fanboy nostalgia to keep them afloat until the next fad hits. I get stick for saying this, but the way Zelda is retreading the Ocarina of Time/Link to the Past over and over, or the way Mario Kart has barely changed since the N64 (half of the courses in modern games are old courses). Not literally of course, but you get the idea. They are also way behind the times, refusing to do Subspace Emissary in Smash Bros sequels because people uploaded the cutscenes to YouTube. At the same time, I've also read people saying (and I don't know if this is true) that Nintendo refuses to do new Metroid, F-Zero, and Star Fox games because they can't think of ways to crowbar in the latest gimmick. Another theory is that Nintendo largely doesn't care about those games, because they are popular in the west, but not in Japan. Again, don't know if that's true, just people ranting on the internet.

I bring all of this up because I think the "good" sequel to Starfox would require Nintendo to get over some of these bad habits, or they will need some gimmick that works well Starfox. I don't see either happening soon.

As for the game I'd like to see. I'd embrace the lore that the Star Fox team are mercenaries by having the player manage equipment and contracts. I think Assault was on the right track with having you able to get out of your vehicle in all range missions. Though I think it needs refinement and bigger maps, perhaps with more complex objectives. Most of the work would likely be on polishing the combat mechanics.

Oct 21 2016 Anchor

I never considered that star fox not being as well received in japan as they were in Europe and the states, but that would explain a lot. I feel that the title is doomed to be a rail shooter for mobile devices till the end of time. however, the fans would enjoy a good RPG featuring the original team and a hand-full of new characters combating a galaxy-wide invasion. Maybe someone could reskin mass effect...

Oct 21 2016 Anchor

I guess that depends on what you mean by "sequel". Doom 2 was a copy/paste of Doom and it was awesome and a sequel. I tend to feel sequels should be very similar to the previous game, unless you're doing a Quake/Q2 kind of thing (don't have a new name for the IP. :) ).

I felt Command for DS was a sequel to the N64 one. I played the GC one and found it fun, but not what I wanted.

So I guess the question is, do you want a sequel they have or do you want one they never put out? :)

In the latest GameInformer it was said there will be a new Metroid. I miss the Metroid Prime games. Best FPS/Adventure games I've played in a longggg time. MP of MP2 was also a lot of fun. :)


Go play some Quake 2:
It's like Source v0.9, only... better!
Play Paintball for Doom 3!:
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