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Feb 1 2013 Anchor

I have a character named Kyle that I would like to present for custom story purposes. I want to turn it into a mod in the near future after I create concept art and write full details. But here is my idea and...I'd like to hear what you think. :)

Kyle was the only son of two explorers who ran into a a previously undiscovered cave in Greece. Upon exploring the cave, the mother and father had to split up due a fork in the tunnel. The mother ended up finding an ornate jar at the end of the tunnel and opened it to see pieces of an orb. She ran back to her husband in excitement and they both returned home to uncover the mysteries of the orb.
Once they put the orb together, they noticed a strange power emitting from it that terrified them both. So they tried to hide the orb and pawn it off to the museum in order to avoid it.
But it wasn't long before the village they were in began to experience strange disasters such as earthquakes, drought, sickness and murders. No one could figure out what was going on and the incidents were over such a span of time that no one took a great notice to it.
Kyle was born a year after the orbs discovery. When he turned ten, his mother locked herself within her room and refused to come out, leaving him to take care of his slowly mentally declining father who was going insane. Kyle reached age 12 and his mother disappeared completely while his father went crazy and he was left completely alone to take care of him.
Then, on Kyle's 18th birthday, his father left the house and never returned. Kyle later found a note from his father which pleaded for him to stay home, stating that he had a new life that he had to begin.
Kyle decided to ignore the note and follow his fathers steps in order to figure out what was really going on due to the steady loss of the villagers, his mother and finally the abandonment by his father without any explanation.

Throughout the story, Kyle will learn of his father and mothers notes and letters written by the villagers pertaining to what happened these past 18 years. The orb was actually an object within Pandora's Box (which was a jar according to certain mythology) and once opened, it released evil. The orb itself set to create hell on earth and spread evil and suffering, being sentient. It changed people into demons and took over their minds and body's. Once changed, they murder, destroy, pillage, whatever the voice tells them. Even the children have been changed into demons, screaming roars of a horrible, unknown beast that summons forth the goo and fleshy stuff along with calling in a demon or two. Kyle's mission is to destroy the orb which his father now has and kill both his mother and father in order to save the villages and ultimately the world.

So...what do you think?

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