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Jun 3 2020 Anchor

hear me out.

i understand people love cd project red, but people should not alienate others cause of there fanboyism for them. its not good to kick out people who are concern for the industry safety cause eof this game.

caus epeople are allowed to critcize it if they don't like it. plus, no one should feel ashame for not liking cyberpunk 2077. thsoe fsanboys aree ruinign thew idnustry. i don't want games following that route.

does anyone else feel? cause its having the same hype as death stranding.

you people need to control yourselves when voerhyping.

Jun 4 2020 Anchor

Is this thread a parody?

Jun 4 2020 Anchor

Just do not make a mountain high expectations. and it would be alright.

Jun 16 2020 Anchor

we will talk about this game when it came out

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