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Oct 2 2013 Anchor

Position filled! Thanks all for your interest.

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Oct 6 2013 Anchor

hmmmm drop me a note.

Oct 8 2013 Anchor

So I take it that you would still - despite the humorous tone - like to retain some level of intelligence, since we're talking sci-fi, yeah? If that's a yes, I'm quite interested. I am a massive fan of well educated humor ala Dresden Codak, if that's what you're looking for. I've personally been working on my own project for a solid year and a half now as a writer, which is entirely based on the writing/research philosophy I written here:

Unfortunately in terms of portfolio at the moment, the things I have done are currently under NDA: I helped out with some interaction design with Zenimax Online (for which I'm getting a recommendation on as soon as everything else is in order) and am currently poking Zero Point Software about a possible job as a writer on Interstellar Marines as well. However, I have been creating "test content" for both occasions as a demonstration of ability in both cases, which I recon I will do here as well (Blimey, remind me to create a context-neutral portfolio at some point, lol).

Small question though, that weekly meeting, does it have to be in person? I ask because you mention that, then go on to say "and shared chat on Skype." I can do Skype meetings but I live in a completely different timezone (9pm is 3am for me), which could be a small problem seeing as we almost live on two opposite day/night cycles.

Regardless, I guess there's no harm in talking it over. So write me up if there's any form of interest from your end and we'll get some clarification on whether or not we may get things to work.

- Dave

Oct 10 2013 Anchor

The meeting is online through voice chat on Skype. I've modified the position description to better describe our needs.

Meetings are mandatory, though we understand life can get busy at times and have no problem with teammates missing it as long as we get advance notice. I always record meeting audio and write meeting notes for anyone that missed it to read.

Yeah, not sure if it'll work out with the big time difference :( it works best for our team since most of us are in eastern time zone.

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