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Feb 13 2012 Anchor

I'm designing a space game, and I want to gauge how many craft (all craft in my game are going to be flyable -- no exceptions) to create. Currently I have 2 freighters and 3 fighters (but those don't count since they are variants on the same model). However, I'm not sure how many craft are ideal for these kinds of game.

Acquiring better ships is an important motivation, so it feels like a wide variety should be available. However, I see mods for various games that add so many flyable craft with nothing but minor stats variations that everything blends together and no ship is special anymore. On the other hand, not having enough variety could make the universe seem stale or undercooked.

So, how many craft do you think would be a good idea? I'm thinking 25 is a good number (enough to give every major faction a few of their own for fighters/transports).

It should be noted that you can own and command multiple ships simultaneously.


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Feb 13 2012 Anchor

I thought Freespace did it well: several different types of crafts, each can carry different types of weapons and have different speeds, armour ratings, shield ratings, etc. Some craft were more suited to the mission vs others (taking a bomber out for an escort mission was pretty stupid). The player had (based on certain limits) the option to choose the craft and loadout for themselves and their wingmen.


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