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May 13 2013 Anchor

Hi all,
I am currently doing some research to see if I can validate a startup idea. It would mean a lot to me if you could take a minute or two to fill out this survey:

If there is interest, I will happily share the results (should enough people answer for it to make any sense).

Also, If you do answer this, I will forever love you.


May 13 2013 Anchor

Sent my emai address through your survey. Hope it help :beer:

May 14 2013 Anchor

Thank you so much! You have my eternal love!

May 14 2013 Anchor

Just filled in your form. What exactly is this project you are working on? I'm intrigued....

May 14 2013 Anchor

Thank you!

The surveys main point was to validate the following assumptions:

  1. People want to work with others
  2. People find it problematic to find suitable team members
  3. People are willing to share their projects with strangers

On top of that, we are looking to gather as much qualitative data as possible, to understand the reason for the given answers. Based on the analysis of this data, we will try to come up with a minimum viable product (MVP) which aims to demonstrate how one might solve the problems indicated by this survey.

Those who indicate the most interest and who have provided their e-mail addresses will be invited to test out the MVP, in the hopes that their further feedback will help us build a product that lives up to the demands.
I can reveal that at the time, there is a clear indication that:

  1. Most people want to work with others
  2. Most people find it problematic to find suitable team members
  3. Most people are willing to share their projects with others before asking them to join them.

As for the actual reasons behind peoples answers, we will release the full results, including a summary of the recurring themes and complaints, once we are done analyzing them.

Thanks again!

May 15 2013 Anchor

I get all of that, it's kind of obvious from the questions what you are researching. I was more wondering what the actual 'product' will be?

Some kind of freelance/community/team building app/website I guess......

Sounds interesting if that's what you are doing with the research and will keep any eye out for developments.

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