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May 2 2021 Anchor

The user Jollyisactualgod123 (aka Gmanperson, TheGuyWhoLikes) creates mods that contain racist, homophobic, transphobic, and sexual content, without disclosing the nature of the mods in the description. Additionally, the user will update the mods on a near daily basis in order to rank them higher on the Half-Life 2 mods page (this users mods are generally at the top, leading to extra additional viewership/downloads) For reference as to the nature of these mods, the user BionicCoyote described them best in the following two videos.

I am a passionate member of the ModDB community for far longer than my username has been around, I'd say at least 13 years. Additionally, I am a massive fan of the Half-Life series. The user Jollyisactualgod123 and his various spam accounts are becoming a serious bane to both of these communities. I have reported all of the accounts to my knowledge, though I believe they are all still active.

If there is an application process to becoming a moderator, I would be more than happy to apply in order to resolve this issue. I don't want some random kid downloading a mod and being exposed to the content that this user is hiding. Considering I download and play every Half-Life mod I can for YouTube, I feel as though I would be a very viable candidate for this position. I also have a branching network of other YouTubers and passionate Half-Life fans who could notify me if such mods were to crop up again. I'm not trying to play social justice warrior, I just want honesty in the description and a fair warning for any potentially unwanted content.

Thank you for your considerations, I hope to have the opportunity to work alongside ModDB in order to make this site a safer place for everyone ✌️

As a reference to my relevant experience in the community, here is my 263rd episode of Half-Life Mods:

Jolyisactualgod123's active mods:

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