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Oct 16 2019 Anchor

Hi fellow gamers and indie developers.

I have one question to ask you all.

Is there a way that underwater level design can be better?

I mean, there are tons of examples for that, like ABZU, but what about platformers for example?

Oct 27 2019 Anchor

Dynamic lights, shadows and underwater sounds are crucial. Then underwater flora and blue and green fogs as background and plenty of rocks and shells around. Water bubbles and so ..and many details with it.

Seamus.Editor Editor-in-Chief of ModDB & IndieDB
Oct 28 2019 Anchor

Make the gameplay (read mechanics here especially) interesting and fun, often I think the issue arises in underwater levels where the mechanics are quite clunky so it can be frustrating more than anything for players. Having the mechanics to be satisfying to use and fun will go a long way to making the rest of the level enjoyable to play and interesting.


Seamus Mullins - Editor-in-Chief of ModDB & IndieDB

DBolical | @seamus.editor

Dec 10 2019 Anchor

Don't make the player dive-up too often (if possible - make them immune to drowning)

I like Sekiro's approach - the gameplay underwater is fast, there are not too many barriers one could collide with, it has enough restrictions (players can't use items underwater) but not too many - combat and dash is still possible without ruining underwater feel. And you're not constantly worried about getting drowned.

I wouldn't make the level just to create a difficulty for a player. Make it easy to navigate through, and if there're any collectibles in your game - be sure to hide a good chunk of it underwater :D

And I also agree with Seamus about clunky mechanics.

19hours ago Anchor

Then underwater flora and blue and green fogs as background and plenty of rocks and shells around.

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