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Nov 10 2017 Anchor


I am looking for a talented Unity programmer for a 2d casual mobile game that I plan to develop.

The Game: The game play is simple and similar to the Gwent card game for the Witcher 3. It is 18+.
Sample (from above example):

Platforms: The game will be designed for smart phones and tablets, if possible we will release it for Web too post launch. It is being designed primarily for the Nutaku platform and will launch exclusively through them.

The Team: I am the entrepreneur, designer and producer of the game. I have assembled a team of two passionate artists, one who is an animator (with me locally), one sound developer (remote). I need a programmer or two to complete the team.

Budget: For now, we need your quote to plan our budget and forward it to the producers for assent.

Timeline: 12- 15 months development, 6-12 months backend programming.

You will have to help me with the following
1. Guide the artist to design the graphics assets at an appropriate resolution and aspect ration so that the game runs smoothly on major mobile phones and tablets.
2. Integrate sprite sheets (the animator will design the sprite sheets).
3. In app ads and in app purchase integration.
4. Facebook, Twitter social media integration.
5. Leaderboard integration.
6. Debug the code, as bugs are discovered during playtest.
7. Help me publish the game on Google Play (Android). If the game performs well, I have plans to publish it on iOS.
8. Be able to handle long-term programming for the project.
9. Integrating client/server communications within the app

You should have
1. Experience and mastery of Unity.
2. Know C#,
3. Preferably have a computer studies background.
4. familiarity with F2P gameplay models and client/server relations

Thanks for reading. And Good luck.

With good wishes,

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check out my vn's progress at :

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