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Apr 29 2020 Anchor

i've been having issues with my mods, i have them the order i believe them to be in from looking over mod categories and trial and error but i can figure out why its crashing at random moments. ill post the mods i have and will take in any suggestions aswell get rid of mods if needed.

climates of tamriel for xbox one

campfire: complete camping system




wet and cold



skyrim scroll crafting

scroll crafting + ordinator patch

summermyst - enchantments

50 pct more perk points



mysticism - ordinator patch

apocalyspe - ordinator compatibility

npc ejector force

slowtime shout overhaul

immersive sounds - compendium

tls lod blur

darker distant lod

divine smim

skyland al-in-one

realistic conversations

cutting room floor

the people of skyrim 2

cutting room floor/tpos 2 patch

imperious - races of skyrim

beast skeletons

divine skins and bodies for men and woman

magic run fix

better dead thralls

xp32 maximun skeleton+realistic ragdoll

the ultimate dodge mod - xp32

violens - a killmove mod se

mortal enimies

super jumping attack

wildcat - combat of skyrim

wildcat - realistic damage plugin

amazing follower tweaks

auto unequip sheilds to back

transparent and refracting ice

ultimate hd fire effects by buzzdee84

voltage by srwo

enhanced blood textures

no radial blur

dead body collision fix

magical college of winterhold

dynamically disable eye adaptation

display enhancements

sheograth's cheat menu

cheat room

placeable statics

skyrim is windy


scorpion scimitar


sword of truth


peacekeeper black armor immersive

targaryen king armor

stendarr paladin armor set


old kingdom weapon overhaul

old kingdom armor overhaul

unique uniques

ars metallica

ars metallica smelting fix

alternate start

tweaked arrows and bolts

stay arrow stay

no auto aim

tls crash preventer

underwater optimization

disable god rays fps boost

insignificant object remover

color patches remover

any help would be greatly appreciated- it may look like i have to many mods and i may have to many but the game runs very well but during random moment like changing weapon or spell even just standing still it crashes. ive gone to riften and fired of all the heavy dps and frame rate drop spells and it was alright 3 out of 5 times.

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