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Dec 31 2013 Anchor

I have been recruiting specific jobs for my game. I now have learned to just put up a list. So here you go. WE NEED PROGRAMMERS: Amount Unknown. WE NEED MODELERS: 3. WE NEED WEB DESIGNERS: 2. WE NEED SOUND TECHNICIANS: 4. WE NEED ADVERTISING AGENTS: Amount Unknown. WE NEED MODDERS: Amount Unknown. WE NEED TESTERS: Amount Unknown. OTHER PROFESSIONS: Amount Unknown. AND MOST OF ALL WE NEED OPINIONS: UNLIMITED Please contact my Email at: Contact my Skype at: Blaze9919

Jan 1 2014 Anchor

I do renders, modeling, animation and web design.

Jan 1 2014 Anchor

shoot me an email or contact request

Jan 1 2014 Anchor

Not nearly enough info, and what is there doesn't make much sense. Why are there more sound "technicians" than modellers? Why would you need modders? What is the game even about? Are you paying? What's your role in the team?

Jan 1 2014 Anchor

To answer the question about more sound technician's than modelers. When you play a game the sound of clashing swords and metallic crinkling sounds, You start to feel immersed. 2nd to answer the modeler problem I already have three modelers on the team. also less people working on models the more put together the game looks. As of the modders They have experience they mod games alter the coding of already started games and are there by good for reference etc...

at the moment pay is limited I have the plan of kickstarter or if that doesn't work out I can always get a part time job. as of my role in the team I'm writer of the story line. I recruit the programmers modelers etc...

Jan 2 2014 Anchor

Another thread

ProjectHelp wrote: Please join my team I am 13 years old have 2 graphic artist recruited and a web designer all I need is a programmer and I will be that much closer.

First of all, you don't need a sound "person" at this stage. Your main concern is to build a functioning prototype.

Second, you need no modders, as no modder have access to the source code, most of the time, they can't alter the game that much, there's a limit to their ability. Either way, if they program and are modders they are only programmers either way. Your code is going to have to be so that new programmers can understand it and continue working on it.

Third, to get a succesful kickstarter going you need a prototype, to get a prototype you need members and I doubt you'll get the members you need to make a prototype to showcase in an eventual kickstarter campaign. Furthermore, you're 13, atleast here in Finland, you are not allowed to work unless you're 15. And then pay is just above the minimum wage. So I don't even know how you're going to provide pay that's even near sensible for an entire team to work on a prototype.

Fourth, if you're going to recruit, state what you're working on. I have about 10 ideas and I'm not asking anyone to just jump on any of those ten ideas because I know interest will fade quickly, even how much I hype the idea itself up.

If I ask you to join my team, would you join me?

Or, would you join me if I give a thorough explanation of my Medieval zombie survival game using the Terravol voxel engine where you build your own castles, houses, use a bigger more advanced skill tree system than the elder scrolls series and so forth? And then ask you to join me?

Fifth, everyone's a writer.

Here's what you are going to do. Learn something that contribute directly to the gameplay. A prototype does not need a story. It's a showcaser for the gameplay. Learn something, be it programming, concept art, 3D modeling, make textures, make sounds and so forth. As you learn one or several of these trades, write a Game Design Document. This is where your game will be in text form. Descriptions of everything. The basic structure of the game should be in the GDD, from it you should be able to make a rough prototype. As the game grows you alter, add new stuff or remove things from the GDD.

Jan 2 2014 Anchor

Okay I'm sorry I think the plan might be down he toilet anyway since my "intelligent" 17 year old brother halfway corrupted the file. I have some people coming to look at it. By the Way coming from a 13 year old like me Thanks for the "Encouragement".

Thought I should start early so when I'm older I have experience but I Guess Not. I thought people would say Oh he's 13 at least he's attempting, but no I all get is Feed back on all the things I've done wrong.

Jan 2 2014 Anchor

The problem isn't that you're lacking experience, the problem is that you're starting in the wrong end.

You're asking for a team to make your game, and you've provided not a single thing about the game itself. Your only skills that you've told us is writing and that's something everyone can do if they're here recruiting.

First thing you want to do is learn one of the things required to make the actual game. Download a free 3D animation program, I started with Blender. Or learn one or several programming languages, one of my good friends started at your age and he's now a superb programmer, outshining many of his teachers in school. Or practice drawing to make concept art, in fact start with concept art right now. Or learn a program to make and change sound files. While you're doing this write your GDD. You're not going to be able to remember every single aspect of the game, and there will be questions flying at you from every direction if no one has anything to go by. Not only does this ease up on your own workload but you can see the direct affect of your features and whatnot described in your GDD directly in the game so you can change them as the game progress.

Sorry, but the real world does sting. And knowing what you do wrong is the key to doing things right. Age is also most of the time irrelevant, the only reason I brought up your age was the payment issue as I seriously doubt you'll get money at that age to sensibly supply a development team.

You're not the first one to come on to these forums to ask for a team in the same manner you did, neither will you be the last. Most of them also older than you.

My own pet project have been going on for soon 7 years, and I have only seen a shadow of the gameplay, and even that was scrapped. My second pet project is coming along a lot better but is still not going forward at more than snail speed. I'd so like to recruit a team but as I barely got nothing except a huge load of models that are not UV mapped and still untextured I've got nothing that'll actually interest anyone.

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Jan 2 2014 Anchor

ProjectHelp wrote: Thought I should start early so when I'm older I have experience but I Guess Not. I thought people would say Oh he's 13 at least he's attempting, but no I all get is Feed back on all the things I've done wrong.

I started making games when I was 10. Age is no handicap. Nor will age will get you sympathy. Maturity (and good grammer) will. Also, in the game industry you HAVE to be able to take constructive criticism. People like telling other people what they did wrong a heck of a lot more than what they did right. :)

As long as you're willing to put in (alot of) effort, you are fully capable of making a game. It's just that YOU need to make the game. That means coding & art! Set your sights a little lower for your first game (something you can make by yourself, for example, a simple FPS), learn the ropes, and then come back for this super-awesome mega idea.

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Jan 2 2014 Anchor

I use C4D. I'm okay at effects within that. My game is called forgotten. It is about the forgotten war bands of all time. You wake up in a place you don't know where. This is where the forgotten go. This game will have similarities to Elder Scrolls Games as it will be massively open world. You will make your own story. You can join a war band get high in ranks and if you wish you can betray attack there city's from within. You are welcome to then join another war band but have in mind not only will the trust decrease in the war band you betrayed. It will also decrease minutely in other war bands. If your not into the whole taking orders aspect. Become a bandit or start your own war band.

Jan 4 2014 Anchor

Feedback is important. Critiques are our friends. Failures lead to successes. Never give up and take the critiques as a chance to get better and prove everyone wrong. I am a writer and Story Board Artist. I've had some failures and I've had success. I'll never give up my dream. Nothing is impossible!

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