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Sep 10 2017 Anchor

Hey all. Dedicated quality Sci-Fi Fan here o/ I ask that you Give support for Quality not so big Budget Canadian Sci-Fi <3 Please Sign up, Share anywhere u can think of & give lil bit of your time to Send Mails for some if not all addresses provided down below :) We have time to find new Home for this Piece of Art upto Mid next week "12-14.9.2017" IF Not mistaken about Deadline.
Need 4th & 5th Season. Sign up. Maybe further once enough Support. Important Addresses Down below :) Has 34k+ Sign ups now & must reach 35k which is next Tier. One smaller Petition: Need 4th & 5th Season with 10-13 eps per Season. Sent to NBC. Top Ten Episodes article: Top Ten Episodes of Beauty Dark Matter.
This to 35k & then act on ones that are smaller Ones :) Also direct mails to AMC, HBO, STARZ, CBS & TNT o/ I've sent Mail to ALL with Joseph Mallozzi's Imdb Page link, Petition & Top Ten Episodes link included. Kinda shame that started sending mails from Thursday evening & not on this week's Monday, Tuesday / right after Sep 1st. Lil Positive thing is that Joseph Mallozzi said on his Wordpress Blog Earlier this Week that some Big Network Names are interested..

Character Called Three centered Episode & on this scene he interacts with Ship Android played by talented Zoie Palmer: Three Learns New Language. Great Scene & Episode.

Shame on SyFy Network for giving lil funding cause Dark Matter wasn't Their Original show... :/ Joseph & Prod. Crew did Amazing work with that Budget when looking at Sets & Visuals <3 Looks better than Killjoys if compare to some other recent / Current Canadian Sci-Fi <3 Personally i haven't been able to focus to normal routine things after SyFy Suits did this Backstabbing :/ They did For the DM that positively topped the Charts when compare to many in their Channel..
Pst: Send Writer & E.Producer's Contact page with the Mail: Joseph Mallozzi who worked with Stargate series.

CBS: Contact CBS & Write Save Dark Matter Mail.
AMC: Contact AMC & Send Save Dark Matter Mail.
HBO: Contact HBO & Send Save Dark Matter Mail
STARZ: Contact STARZ & Send Save Dark Matter Mail
TNT: Contact TNT & Send Save Dark Matter Mail

I will support beauty Dark Matter​ with BR purchase once many seasons BR comes available. We need to lean towards any one who could help to Rescue Team Raza after SyFy's Blind Execs. tossed them out blindly.. Sign Up, Send Mail(s) & Share anywhere u can o/ Thanks to all the old & new Fans for any Efforts to save my Favorite Sci-Fi show o/ Hope gets new fans through this & be saved by Telly Network & not Neflix, but that be ok 2 if gets normal length seasons. 13x eps. length seasons that is. Reason I looked forward to Friday Nights.

Kind Regards: Dedicated Fan.

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