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Mar 4 2013 Anchor

Hi all, I was pretty impressed by this little product. It makes prototyping 2d games pretty simple.You can drag and drop your assets into the game, and almost every file type is supported. If you drag over a bunch of files, it automatically puts them into an animation strip for you.The engine supports Box2d physics engine, and it is pretty damn sweet. You can have literally hundreds of things bouncing around with next to no performance hit. They make it really easy to assign and manipulate the physics settings.A quick word of caution though, They advertize that you will not need to use any programming to make games.This is an outright lie. You will need to use their node based even system to program this product.The event system is pretty brilliant, they have everything you could possibly want as a game developer and more. I have professional experiences with C, C+ Python, Java, Python, and Lua and most of the operations are really well thought out.There are a couple of things that could either be "black" or "white", so I went to ask on their forums. Big mistake, my post got shot down in flames by the resident old-timmer trolls they allow on their forums. It is best if you just StFU, and try to make friends you can PM. Public posts get flamed on a regular basis. Newbies are their biggest target.This brings me to another unfortunate fact about this gem of a title. The tech support for the commercial version, is the exact same support as the free version, is what they claim. A quick tally on their posts over a 2 week period reviled that they where not answering any of the new paying customers posts. They where working the new users, trying to make sales instead. The only paying people that got assistance during this period was a couple of the old trolls I mentioned earlier. It is a complete popularity contest on who does and who does not get blessed with company support. They also have a lot of different platforms you can export to as well. Unfortunately the advertisers lie through their teeth about "simply pressing a button to export your games to different platforms". As anyone with any common sense can simply guess, you need to build the games from the ground up for any platform you are using. Less than half of the features are supported for Mobil devices, so it is simply impossible to make a project for desktop systems, and simply having it port over to any of the other listed platforms.The node-Webkit exporter is my favorite. It exports executable files so you can make games that play on the desktop. Once again you need to ignore the advertisers, you are not compiling your game into an executable application, you are building a webkit template for your web application. You have absolutely NO control over the users file system. This means no local load or save games that the users can back up. They use web cookies for storing information so you need to keep your games under 5 megs. There are a bunch of features that do not seem to port over either. Once you get over the limitations of the webkit exporter, it is actually pretty nice. IT is a lot faster than Chrome, or firefox when dealing with the physics. The WebGL effects are pretty damn nice too, you do not even see a hiccup.They support controllers too, but not like they advertise. They pluralize it, but you are pretty much stuck endorsing Microsoft's Xbox 360 controller ONLY. Yeah I know it should not be a big surprise to see hardware vendor lock-in with their partner. They even have a coupe of MS reps floating around the forums showing how "hip, and indie" Microsoft really is. So seeing that you are stuck supporting only a Microsoft product should be no surprise.Once you get over the depression, and start programming it though it is pretty nice. The event system is really well thought out. They make binding the controls really easy.The CoonJs exporter is by a third party, not exactly functional. There is a huge blame game going on. Neither side seem like they are going to budge, so everyone suffers. Well, in conclusion, There are a few pitfalls, but a seasoned game developer will breeze right by them.Even if you are are a hard core programmer, you might still find a use for this as a rapid prototyping tool. Animators will enjoy the ease of porting animations in and out with no effort.Designers will enjoy having an idea, and being able to almost instantly transfer their thoughts into executable instructions.For the guy they seem to be marketing towards most, will feel pretty damn left out of the whole thing though. The lack of support, mixed with the usual ebb and flow of forum trolling will leave any newbie in tears. Some requirements for basic useage:Basic algebra skills.Basic animation knowledge.Basic game logic programming.Past experience with a programming. (just so they understand the importance of proper syntax, you do not need to be a Guru.)A Microsoft based operating system. (wine does not cut it.)A Microsoft Xbox 360 controller. (if you want to do desktop games)It is quite possible to start at ground-0, and using their forums and documents to learn game programming. You would be better off choosing a different game engine though. Which ever one you choose, be sure to check out the forums to make sure new people can really ask questions. I am sure having fun with this. Be sure to try the demo, it is free, and fully functional to a certain degree.

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