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Aug 15 2012 Anchor

Hi IndieDB

I'm one of two guys working at an indie development studio based in Staffordshire, England called Falchion Games. Our first title, an adventure game called "Go to Hell Dave" is currently in production and we're hoping to have a pre-alpha demo available and ready to download by the end of September.

'Go to Hell Dave' is the epic saga of Dave, a normal guy with a typical life until he smashes his car into a lamp-post, with his girlfriend Sharon in the passenger seat. Waking up at the gates of Hell, Dave discovers that his girlfriend has gone, Satan is missing and Hell has become a dilapidated mess.

'Go to Hell Dave' is a hilarious adventure in which you will take Dave on a tour of Hell's nine floors, none of which you'll never read about in the Bible or the Divine Comedy.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy our game.

Ben :D

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Aug 15 2012 Anchor

Haha I thought someone was writing me a hate letter when I saw this post! So you have my attention at the name alone, the art is refreshing!


Aug 19 2012 Anchor

New update outside the burger bar, it's nice to grab your attention

SinKing bumps me thread
Aug 19 2012 Anchor

Nice! I always like adventures, most of all when they are a little ironic and don't only consist out of fetch quests for NPCs. Something like Grim Fandango pops up in my mind when I hear hell and see a guy with a skelton head.

What does he have in front of his eyes, though? First I thought they are glasses, then I thought sunshades and my final verdict is that these simply are his regular eyes?! Pls ponder upon :)


User Posted Image

Aug 19 2012 Anchor

His eyes are the dark abyss! We are going to have lots of unusual characters, (cough drug dealer tutorial guy, grim reaper on holiday) I loved grim Fandango and would have loved to create a 3D point and click game, but for our first game 3D just costs far too much. Keep your eyes posted for regular updates. and find us on facebook :-)

Aug 30 2012 Anchor

This looks pretty cool, seems like the kind of game I would enjoy :D
Keep up the good work man!

Obsidiaguy Voice Actor
Sep 1 2012 Anchor

Very nice! I love these kinds of games.


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Sep 4 2012 Anchor

I like the concept so much :D Waiting eagerly for a release!

Sep 13 2012 Anchor

Yea like this a lot. For some reason it reminds me of Full Throttle.

Sep 21 2012 Anchor

Got loads of new stuff to show you

Tetsuo3 wrote: Yea like this a lot. For some reason it reminds me of Full Throttle.

Glad it does, we plan to have a mix of old-school and new school elements to capture the nostalgia within.

This is the background art for the Nerd basement this is where Dave finds a group of nerds playing a dungeon crawler game.

User Posted Image

This is the bouncer getting ready to pounce on Dave, "He's behind you"

User Posted Image

Last but by no means least a quick preview of our opening level, still lots of improvements to go into this but hope you like it.

Oh and please like and share our facebook page. We will need all the help we can get when we launch our kickstarter in the next few months.


Video Interview from EuroGamer

Pub Level
User Posted Image

Night club level update
User Posted Image

We are still preparing all our assets ready for the playable trial. Join us on twitter or Facebook we would love to hear from you.

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