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Feb 15 2012 Anchor

I just registered here to post this, since there don't really seem to be any active Blood sites left.

Anyway, I just recently installed Blood 2 and I read that the FXEhancer mod changes some parts of the game and is quite liked among players. So I decided to try it out. I found two different versions;

The second is hosted here. However, neither version seems to do all that it claims.

fxenhancer.exe contains a small readme.txt file, which doesn't even list what version number it is, let alone what it does., which I got from FilePlanet, contains a detailed readme.txt that tells you that you will find new rez files in three different resolutions (nope, not there) and details a long list of impressive changes. These include, changes to the weapon behavior, new title screen, new HUD graphics, new fanatic taunts, un-bleeped swearing by civilians, etc. The problem is that even though it appears to be installed correctly according to the version string, the only change I can see is that the weapons behave a little differently. The swearing is still bleeped, the fanatics still use the same three English taunts, all the graphics are the same etc.

Did I get an incomplete version, does it not do all that the readme promises, or did I do something wrong? Other than not installing the rez file for the resolution I'm using (because it wasn't included), I followed the installation instructions and the main menu says that it's active. I tried the one from here and the results were the same (only the weapon behavior was changed)

I know there probably aren't many players of this game left, as it doesn't seem to be that popular, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

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