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Dec 6 2012 Anchor

I created this thread because, we keep getting crash reports from people modding the game and its our intention to publish docs, then tools, then more tools etc. We just finished work on something for Christmas. Spent about a week on it really happy with the Framework so far. What I was wondering was, anyone interested in localisation kits. We have all the text in an easy format and can provide the kit then push that out in the next patch its a weird idea. But considering the number of errors we get and people who have different languages might be good. I'm not saying it will all be smooth for us as our interface may need to shift to accommodate languages. If you want the kit reply to this post and we can get it to you. We also want to know the best way for people to get our mods back to us for distribution.

Dec 7 2012 Anchor

IMHO, it could be best to put the kit out in the open, as a public download - unless you're restricted by your license/rights or something.

Dec 7 2012 Anchor

Ok, cool so basically, we could do ti but then we need to check the local kit with people who have the language.

Dec 11 2012 Anchor

I voted for Frozen Hearth on Steam Greenlight! I can't wait for it to FINALLY be on Steam XD

Dec 11 2012 Anchor

Ok, so localisation kit is uploaded into MOD db waiting for approval.

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