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Aug 22 2018 Anchor


We'd like to introduce you to the first game from Cape Town based Unsigned Double Collective, Freja and the False Prophecy!

Freja and the False Prophecy poster art

Freja and the False Prophecy is a 2D action adventure platformer set in the world of Norse mythology. Taking inspiration from the likes of Ori and the Blind Forest, Hollow Knight, Dead Cells and Salt and Sanctuary we are working to create a game that fuses exploration and a well crafted story with fluid movement and combat mechanics, all delivered in a rich and beautiful art style. A challenging undertaking for a small indie team, but if Freja is up to the task of waging war with the gods, then so are we!

Freja in the Land of Fire

We're really happy to be able to share our work with other developers and if anyone has any questions or feedback we would love to hear it. We're currently in the process of putting the pieces together for a full length trailer in support of a Kickstarter campaign that we plan on launching in the next couple of months. We're also all doing this part time at the moment, our backgrounds in related fields (commercial and film animation, vfx, software development and IT), but this is our first full length game and a real labour of love for the team. We look forward to sharing this journey with the greater community here and hopefully grow together as artists, developers and people with a passion for games!

Some early gameplay and environment clips:

And some Concept and Characters:

Freja Runs!

Freja Runs

A Nasty Troll

A Nasty Troll

A Ferocious Warg

Ferocious Warg

Angrboda, Mother of Monsters, and Skoll

Angrboda and Skoll

We'd love to also keep you updated and in our inner circle via our website newsletter which can be subscribed to at:

Or follow us on social:
Instagram: @thefrejagame

-Unsigned Double Collective

Freja on the beach

Our Cinematic teaser trailer:

We'll be launching the full trailer along with our Kickstarter campaign and demo on the 1st of December!

Hi Guys,

Quick update, our Kickstarter campaign is LIVE! We have a full length trailer, a short playable demo, and lots of awesome rewards on offer!

Check it out here: Freja and the False Prophecy

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