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May 14 2020 Anchor

Out now on Android and iOS!

Soccergeddon is an FPS (First Person Shooter) where the main objective is to get the ball in the goal more than the opposition and win the game.

Play Soccergeddon against real players across world as you kick, shoot, or explode the ball over the line.


– FPS Soccer

– Pistols

– Machine Guns

– Shotguns

– Rocket Launchers

– Soccer Balls

– Real Multiplayer!


– In Soccergeddon, the matches last 5 minutes, and up to 8 players can play at once in a 4 v 4 battle.

– Your total goals, kills, matches and wins leaderboards are only updated if you are still in the match as it finishes.

– Goals scored when you are alone in a room generally do not count towards the leaderboard total, although if the last opponent leaves the match, you will still be able to score the next goal, to prevent people leaving rooms to stop a goal from counting.

– You can make a room private, so that only people who know the name of it can enter with you.

– You can join a match at anytime up until it ends.

– Everybody starts with a pistol, but pickups are available in the match.

– You can also unlock secondary weapons to start the match with, after playing a certain number of matches.

– Optionally, you can play against an AI bot player instead.

– No pay-to-win, in fact no paying at all!

Grab some mates with you and have a go at FPS soccer in Soccergeddon! Great party fun :)





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