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Mar 6 2018 Anchor

Free ball bearing bounce & return physics game & simulator.
Tinker in the simulator & alter gravity or the mess with time!
Add ball bearings, watch them bounce & click into the shiny plastic return tray!
18 game play levels of increasing difficulty and varying challenges.
Move the bouncers or change gravity to bounce ball bearings into the catch tray in time!

Thanks for your time!


Cascade 3D - Google Play Store

Cascade 3D

Cascade 3D on YouTube

Hello again

Just a note that Cascade3D has been updated with a few quick bug fixes:

- Saving of options between games - sound, music, and ball trails.

- Completing the last level of "Gravity Master" will no longer show a "next level" button, which went into no wheres ville. :)


LifeStamp Games

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Mar 27 2018 Anchor

WOW! Really satisfying game to play! Good luck with it!

Mar 28 2018 Anchor

Very fun game (^^)b

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LifeStampGames LifeStamp Games
Apr 3 2018 Anchor

Thanks so much for the feedback, appreciated!

The most recent update now includes a neon glow mode and optional stars background, check it out:

Cascade 3D Now with Neon Glow

thanks again!


More updates to Cascade3D have added new features like a moveable ball drop stopper and changeable viewpoints including following one of the ball bearings around! Screenshots below. If you are a fan please give it a nice review on the google play store and tell your friends!

Thanks again, Matt Brown,

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Boston, MA USA

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