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Aug 30 2017 Anchor

Hey Indie DB Community!

Firstly I am both excited and eager to get involved in the community.

My name is Dany and I am currently in my final trimester of my Bachelor of Music at The College Of The Arts in Melbourne, Australia and I have been assigned the task of finding work placement (60 Hour Internship). As a long time gamer and composer I have decided to try to find appropriate placement with Independent game developers in order to have the opportunity to compose music for new games.

What we will do:

My collaborator (Jesse) and I will compose music suited for your existing or upcoming titles, you can choose to use the scores as placeholder music or for the release of your titles if you see it fit. As this is an internship we will not be asking for payment for the licensing of the works. Our placement requirement is 60 hours of work, however we are both very passionate about scoring and would see the projects out to the end if this means working for more than 60hrs.

Examples of what we could do:

- Menu Music
- Cinematic Sequence Music
- Short pieces for quick panels such as Victory, Defeat, Challenge menu’s etc.
- Music for different areas of the game eg. Town, Wilderness, Dungeons, Forrest’s etc
- Trailer Music

What we need from you:

  1. You will be required to fill out a Industry Placement agreement in order for the Placement to fit the Universities guidelines.
  2. You will need to provide us with material that we can score music to.

We are not limited to working with one developer so if we are unable to fulfil our 60 hour requirement with one developer we can do work for a few different teams.

Demo Reel:

Below is a link to a compilation of some of our previous work.

I look forward to hearing from everyone and anyone who could help us on our journey.

Kind Thanks,
Dany & Jesse

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