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Sep 12 2013 Anchor

Hi everyone,

Earlier this year I finished writing a script for an adventure game. The script features a small cast of characters, a pared-back but spectacular setting and a mythic-style plot, incorporating action, exploration, mystery and emotional depth.

Before embarking on that script, my brother and I had designed in detail a hand-to-hand combat system that took account of our combined two decades of experience in a number of Eastern and Western martial arts. The script itself was partly created as a vehicle for that design.

My aim in working on this material was to establish a relatively small and focussed game development project around which to form a team. Working collaboratively, we would all develop our particular skills while working towards an achievable goal; one which would hopefully open doors for us into the industry as individuals, or as a team (or a little of both).

I do not have any formal training in game development (my field at university was law) – though I have previously worked with medium-sized teams (6-10 people) on modding projects and have a little skill in DCC – but I find myself drawn, again and again, to working on ideas for video-games.

At the moment our team is small but growing. I am providing assets for the prototyping phase and my brother (who made a successful animation pack for Mount & Blade: Warband called “Combat Animation Enhancement”) is providing animations. We are particularly looking for programmers and conceptual artists to join us in developing the structure and look of this first project.

We are in the process of choosing between Unity, CryEngine 3 and Unreal Engine. I am most familiar with CryEngine, but each platform has its advantages and disadvantages. But until we have a programmer on board, the choice of engine is pretty irrelevant!

If you would be interested in joining the team, send a PM, or an email to

Please post any questions you have here in this thread, or contact us privately through PM or the address provided.
We hope you will get in touch soon!

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